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About Empower

Empower Career & Admin Services (EMO) is a career development resource that specializes in resume writing, cover letters, thank you letters, mock interviewing, LinkedIn profile updates, industry research and up-to-date human resource trends and practices. EMO’s niche clientele includes mid and entry-level professionals, first-time job-seekers such as high school and traditional college students, unemployed/laid-off professionals looking to get back into the workforce, job-seekers who are working towards position elevation and promotion or career transition, as well as entrepreneurs who desire business planning support and direction.

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Why Choose Empower?

Empower offers career development and coaching services that go far beyond writing resumes and cover letters and executing mock interviews. Indeed, it is the ability to service clients with a myriad of tasks and projects from essays, presentations and strategy plans to LLC applications, non-disclosure statements and service agreements. Our approach to each client is less about “what” we do and more about “how” we do what we do.

Here’s what distinguishes Empower from other career coaches:

  • ​​Variability in personal and career services including, but not limited to, assistance with such documents as completion of employment tax exemption documents, documents review and editing, resignation letters, etc. We integrate our own personal attributes into every service we offer and treat clients the way that we would like to be treated as a client.​

  • Our training and extensive experience in Applied Psychology will help you understand the psychological issues related to career choices. This can include discussions of self-image and family issues as they relate to your career issues and choices.

  • ​Personal deep-rooted values can also influence career choices. We also take into account what you want to accomplish in your life, whether personally, professionally or both.

  • To make the most of your coaching sessions, we’ll guide you through every step to implement the strategies we’ve developed together.  It’s one thing to learn what to do; it’s another to have one-on-one support as you actually perform those tasks required to generate positive outcomes.

  • With LaTonya Williams as your personal career counselor and coach, you’ll uncover the strengths and passions   that can be integrate with your personality and life goals to create a satisfying career you love.

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