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Empowering You To Reach Higher Heights In Your Career 
& Go To Deeper Depths In Your Skill Set


Empower (EMO) is a service and solutions resource led by LaTonya Williams, a career coach with more than 35 years of combined career and coaching experience. LaTonya is an expert in identifying and exposing hidden potential and articulating that potential, along with strengths and value proposition on a quality, professional resume. The goal is to provide support and direction to help clients develop, grow and excel in ways that they could not achieve on their own.  

Business People Talking

Passionate Career Consulting

“Stand-out, Succeed, Soar”,

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Thought-Based Approach

Support That Makes a Difference

  • Career Advice

  • Resume

  • Cover Letter

  • Interview Support

  • Questions & Clarity

Career Research
  • Industry & Salary Deep-Dive

  • Position/Title Research

Admin Services
  • Document Draft, Review  & Edit,

  • Application Support

  • Service Acknowledgments/  Agreements, etc.

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